Kids and Computers in Ethiopia

Kids and computers: These days you rarely find one without the other -- except in Ethiopia, the rest of Africa, and most of the developing world. In these places, children, whatever age--adults for that matter--have no access to computers. An early generation...

College in Gimbie Ethiopia

Joan Hoffman MD did not expect to start fundraising after her volunteer experience. Joan volunteered at Gimbie Adventist Health Science College, Gimbie, Ethiopia in May 2017. After returning home, she began fundraising for student lab techs' partial tuition...

Guatemala Medical Clinic

At La Clinica San Jose, the Franciscan sisters offer free consults to all in need.  The sisters help as many patients as they can, in addition to transporting patients as necessary to the bigger cities for specialist and surgical appointments. The sisters are excited...

Ethiopia Water Project

Water is heavy. Where plumbing does not exist, it is the women and girls who usually carry the water. Pending the distance from a well, or in more developed areas, distance to the tap of a municipal water supply, women and girls will dedicate as little as 2-3 hours...

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